Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eva Dahlgren's night at Så mycket bättre

Today participants of Så mycket bättre were singing Eva Dahlgren's hits and once again we were more interested in E-Type's and Lena Ph's covers. Martin in a contrast to previous show has made a step from 90s classic eurodance sound to a dark aggressive electronic rocky pop when Lena has gone to a bit lighter electro-schlager-pop. Another cover we were absolutely delighted with was Laleh's cover of probably the biggest Eva's hit - "Ängeln i rummet" which has become a bit Coldplayesque with warm Christmas-feeling. Laleh's "Just Nu" already goes big on the radio and stays #1 on iTunes and new cover can easily become another sensation of this season.
Check snippets of studio-versions here.


Timbuktu - Kom och håll om mig
Tomas Ledin - Vem tänder stjärnorna?
Laleh - Ängeln i rummet
Mikael Wiehe - För att du är här
E-Type - Jag är Gud
Lena Ph - Jag klär av mig naken

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