Sunday, November 6, 2011

I.D.A - Emergency

One of the best tracks released this autumn was found by me on new album "Pink Explosion" of I.D.A who has fallen under our spotlight in September with the lead single "Sha la laa".
Whole concept of the album has become quite rocky and aggresive and as punky as poppy at the same time, new single "Turn Up The Radio" plays on a field of melodic American-smelling pop-rock but it's all about opening track "Emergency" for us.
"Emergency" sounds like a perfect Melodifestivalen-track if I.D.A would like to take a part in competition, dramatic verses with a heavy beat and strong tune blast with anthemic choruses performed with I.D.A's emotional vocal leaving slight rock-"Hero" feeling. Perfectly growing melody and amazing middle-eight are undoubtedly worth mentioning as well!

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Javier said...

It does have something of "Hero" going on - probably it's the melody structure in its refrain and both songs share the same key (In "Hero", it's the new key after the change in the last chorus).